Monday, 5 December 2016

T4 W8 Ratio Intro.

WALT: Understand how ratios work.
Task: We had to answer all the question.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Practical Idea's.

Walt: Synthesise information from multiple sources. Success Criteria: I can make links between the multiple resources I access.

Task: We had to find a problem in our community and write down a solution for that problem.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Adv Mult Part whole

WALT: Find more than one way to solve a problem
Task: We had to switch the problem so the subtraction into a addition problem.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Angles Angles Angles.

WALT: Identify how many degrees are in various angles and lines.
Task: We are trying to find out how to add up to 90, 180 or 360.

Matter Information.

WALT: - Synthesis information from multiple sour- Monitor ourselves to complete the task with the given time.
Task With a partner you are to create a presentation that could be given to a Year 5 & 6 student informing them about MATTER, CHEMICAL & PHYSICAL CHANGES or FAIR TESTING.Your presentation could be in the form of a video, audio recording, song, Google presentation, poem, rap or any other method you think you could achieve within two weeks.

Instructional Writing.

WALT: Write a clear set of instructions for someone to follow TASK: Take what you have learnt about instructional writing and write a set of instructions for a simple every day task such as: Brushing your teeth, making a cup of Milo or making a sandwich etc. You are writing these instructions for a Year 4 students to follow. Remember to choose a task that you know how to do well.

Friday, 4 November 2016

The Scientific method - Write up.

TASK:Today we did an experiment, our experiment was about how many people like one drink then the other. I was hoping that number 1 or 4 was got to be the most likely one but it turn out that it was the other way around.

Friday, 14 October 2016


WALT: Identify a rule for continuing sequential patterns.

Task: This week we learned about how to find the formula in algebra, for these who don't know what algebra is, algebra is when one of the numbers are replicas with a letter. When you find out the formula you will also get the answer.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Narrative Writing.

Image result for anime of a wolf family in the japan mountains
Who: A pack of wolves, mum, dad & two twins.
What: About a family in the mountains.
When: It happened 5 years ago.
Where: In the mountains

There was once two kids that were different from the other kids, they were smarter, faster and they were a lot stronger. One day the two twins went to school for the first time, they had butterflies in their stomachs and it felt like they were holding a massive boulder making them to weak to walk. When they got to there new classroom everyone started to stare, before they could introduced themselves someone barged into the classroom and said “there’s a wild wolf in the cafeteria!” The two twins ran as fast  as they could to the cafeteria so they could save the wild wolf. When the rest of the class came they sore the door wi

As they walked back to class the student started to ask the twins quest, “How did you get to the cafeteria so fast? And where did you used to live?” One of the twins replayed “ We used to live on a mountain and we always go ran down the mountain to the shops.” When they got to class the teacher said “ Class we have two new students that will be joining us today.” “ Hello my name is Neko and this is my twin brother Takashi, we just recently moved here from the mountains.” While Neko and Takashi picked their desks the teacher said “That they will be learning about the history of the mountain”

Neko got a book and started to read, she got up to a story about a half wolf and human it said “Leggings says that there was a pack of wolves that invaded the mountain, there was a family that lived on the mountain. when the pack were about to kill the twin babies one of the white wolves came to save the babies. When they escaped the white wolves suddenly turned into the a human and decided to keep them and raise them to be fin wolves and humans. As the two twins grow up slowly they learned how to transform into a white wolves and turn back into humans, they learned a lot of thing about the wild and how to feed food but they didn’t have any


My Goals For Next Term!!!

Task: I just wanted to share with you what I plan to do next term.

Friday, 23 September 2016

The world's oldest fish hook.

TASK:We had to go on kiwi kids news and find something interesting and write about it.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Thursday, 8 September 2016

98 Year message in a bottle.

TASK:We had to go on kiwi kids news and find something interesting and write about it.

My Message To Mrs Tele'a.

 TASK:We had to write a letter to Mrs Tele'a about her loss.

Monday, 5 September 2016

An olympic article all about Brenda Martinez’s.

Walt: 1. Justifying - I clarify and justify my own interpretation and understanding of complex ideas and issues.


WALT: Identify ratios

Friday, 26 August 2016

What I learned form Hiwi the kiwi.

 Hiwi The Kiwi
Guest who came to my school yesterday morning? Yep that’s right I got to see Hiwi the kiwis show yesterday and they tore my a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about like for example if you catch a snapper it has to be at least 30 centimeters, if it is under or over 30 centimeters then you have to  chuck it back in the water.
Image result for hiwi the kiwi
They also told us that if you are going fishing and you can see birds circling around in one spot then that is where all of the fish are, but be careful when you fish around birds because they might fly into your net while trying to grab the fish.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

All about Eliza McCartney.

Productive Writing.

WALT: I understand what different types of sentences I can use in my writing.

Introduction:Who:The runners The Rio olympics,What:One of the racer fall over and sprained his leg,When:It was drawing a sprinting race,Where:At the 2016 rio olympics.
Orientation: All of the sprinters were getting ready at the starting line.
Problem/Conflict: Someone kicked his leg and his leg twisted on its owin,Why:So the other racer could come first.
Solution: Was showing sportsmanship and never giving up.
All of the racers were getting ready for the race, while they were waiting at the starting line someone had said Ready set GO!!!” Bang!. As soon as the trigger on the gun had been pulled I had sprinter and dashed off in first place slowly moving towards the finish line.
As I arriving at the corner someone had tripped over but in the process they had twisted there leg, “Help” he said as he tried to get back up into the race, I stopped to help him but I could see all of the other sprinters in the dissidents.
When all of the racers had passed by we had already give up but before we did, I could almost see the finish line so I had carried him all the way to finish line. Everyone started to shout and cheer us on.
As we crossed the finish line the judges rushed over and said “ We have decided to let you two to go into the finale for showing sportsmanship.”

Monday, 22 August 2016

Whole of a set - stage 6

WALT: Use multiplication and division facts to find the whole of a set

Friday, 19 August 2016

All about Valerie Adams.

Task: We had to choose one of our olympic medal winners, write a post about the olypian and try to find some interestinng information about that person.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Intro to Algebra 2.

WALT: understand basic algebra principles.
Task: We had to make a copy of the pretension and fill in all the question.

"FIRE DANCERS@ Assembly" Brainstorm.

WALT: Writ a review on the performance of the Fire Dance.
Task: We had to find informacin about the fire dance, what we thounght about the preformance and about the costumes. We had to anserw every question.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Algebra 2.0

WALT - Solve algebra equations through multiplication, division and addition strategies.
Task: We had to make a copy and fill in all of  the question,and we had to find the value of letters.

Nesian Fusion.

Task: We had to watch a video and copy a brainstorm and fill in all of the questing and post it on our blog.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fraction Practise W7.

WALT:Express simple fractions as tenths and hundreths .
Task: We had to use Times & division to solve the answer.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Johnny Angel: Pad Let.

WALT: Explore and apply the  elements of the visual arts: the basic qualities of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and time-based compositions.
Task: We had to answer the questions that were on the pad let.

S.A HOT History of the waka - 1

Task: We had to read a lot of information for Polynesian Navigation.


WALT: Reflect and respond on key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation:
Revolution tour came to my school last wens-day and put a show on for us, it was so awesome when we got to do the running man and also make a chant. this man called Reggie told us about his dark past when he was 8 years old.

He said that when he was little he had a brother and two sister's, but his mum kept his brother and two sister's but gave him away to her Favourite teacher, when Reggie told us he looked devastated and sad. But after that he did a great performance, he was holding the same key for 30 scents or even longer.
Task: We had to writ what had happened drawing the performance.

Iluminate Brainstorm.

WALT: Reflect and respond on key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation:
Task: Our task was to  find and answer every question that was on the brainstorm.

Friday, 10 June 2016

The Forest.

        The Forest

Long time ago, there lived a really young Prince and his name was Subaru Konoe, he had navy Blue hair like the midnight sky, his skin was as smooth as snow, his eyes were as blue as the ocean because it was full of encouragement and hope. Subaru had turned 18 years old, Subaru was the Prince of Kouka and his parents forced him to get married to the princess of Akatsuki, but before Subaru could get married, Subaru ran away from his home and into the forest of health and death. It was called the forest of life, when Subaru reached the center of the forest, Subaru found a tree it was no ordinary tree but the heart of the forest.

As Subaru moved closer to the tree, he could hear someone or something crying, he looked around the tree and found a young girl that looked about the same age as Subaru, she had white hair like Snow and her eyes were as bright as the stars, when he asked her “why are you crying?” She said “my village has been attacked by another kingdoms Warriors and my mum and dad were killed in the war, I was the last person to ever survive the attack’. Subaru said “don’t cry, it'll be alright” After that Subaru gathered wood to provide fire for the night, when they leaned against the heart tree. They started to glance at the stars, Subaru asked “ what is your name” she replied “It is Neko Kurohs” and before she could ask what his name was, a guard came in search of the prince.

But one day, Subaru woke up really early to see if anybody was around. He walked around to find a nearby pond so that he can have a shower inside. But when he finished having a shower, he wandered around to his spot and found the guards snooping around his place, the leader of the guards said “I know that the Prince was here?” but he said this because he knew that the prince was their. Then the prince said “Shoot, they caught up to me, I can’t let them see me” but he said this because he didn’t want to get taken back home.

When the guards were guarding his place, the prince didn’t know that one of the guards stayed back to watch out for the prince and to make sure that he comes back home right away. So Subaru went and ran to get his stuff, but he got caught by the guards. But before he could run back to his hiding place, one of the guards caught his arm and said “Sorry Prince, but you have to come with me” and the prince was really furious. Suddenly, a girl popped out of nowhere and came to save the prince which she already knew about. She just came and grabbed the prince by his legs and took off with him.

Subaru was wondering, “Why did she save me?”, “Who is she?”, “Where did she come from?”, while he was looking around, they were on the heart of the tree and introduced herself, “Hi my name is Neko Kurohs” and “What’s your name?”. But Subaru memorized the name and tried to remember her name. While she was talking to him, Subaru was thinking of where he heard that name. Then Neko said “Are you even listening to me?” and Subaru said “Sorry, but I was thinking of where I heard your name from. Neko asked he once again “ What is your name?” he replied “ It is Subaru Konoe.

Suddenly Neko started to remember something, then she asked “can you please recall your name to me”. As Subaru said his name Neko started to remember a boy from years age that she had saved by using her powers, his name was Subaru Konoe but she always called him Konoe for short. Neko said “ Did you encounter a young girl about three years ago, Subaru said “ Yes, but how do you know that?” As she told the story he began to remember her face and now straight away who she was. Subaru said “ Remember me Neko it’s your old friend,” Neko asked “ How are you old friend, it has been so long since i’ve seen you.

Part 2 of “ THE FOREST ” Is To Be Continued Tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Introduction to Algebra!

WALT: Introduction to algebra looking at number patterns and using basic facts knowledge.
Task:We had to answer these hard questions and finish all of the practise active.

Visiting Day Presentation.

WALT: Find evidence to support our thinking.
Task: We had to read the story so we can get the answer's and filling the questing.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Monday, 23 May 2016


Task: We had to go on the PES House Name to get information about our house's and post it on the paddlet, and then post it on your blog.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool & Nail Art.

This week we are learning how to make a Wool & Nail Art, this is what me and my partner Kishan made. We just did any design and it tryout like this.

Monday, 16 May 2016

I luminate.

WALT: Reflect and respond on key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation:

Friday, 13 May 2016

I luminate.

I luminate came to Pt England to give the whole school a performance and put a little show on after for team 5, it was so awesome that after the performance all of team 5 got to meet the three charters that danced on stage for I luminate. We got to see them do the dab and they added a little dance move before they did the dab, my favortion part was when one of the kicked the other one and that person split into two parts.
Image result for I luminate

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Pacific Origins:types of Waka : Reading.

WALT: Explore a variety of text to gather information.
Task: We had to read all the text so we can gather information to answer the questions.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Mult/Div Yr 7 - 2 WALT use the strategy 'Division in Parts' with larger numbers. (3 digit numbers divided by 1 digit numbers)

WALT: Use the strategy 'division in parts' with larger numbers.


WALT: Reflect and respond on key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation: Extend writing using descriptive detailed vocabulary and sentences.
Task: We had to go on out class site and click on the pitcher and it would take us to this site call pallet, there were questions that we had to Answer.

Immersion Assembly - Brainstorm.

Walt: Unpack/ brainstorm key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly.

On Monday morning it was the first day of term 2 and we had immersion assembly, all the teachers were dressed up according to there themes that they were going to perform. I was so excited to see my friends but when I got there everyone was already in the the hall for assembly.

Well the team 1 teacher Mrs George, Miss Pech, Mrs Lal, Mr Wild and Mrs Dwyer is going to teach favorite things. Favorite things is like for example my favorite dog is a k9 and my favorite color is blue.

What the team 2 teacher Mrs Nalder, Mrs Tumahai, Ms Eadie and Miss Szymanik are teaching about is seasons, Seasons are Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. They are also learning how it feels and looks in Summer, Autumn,Winter and spring.

Team 3 is learning about architecture, Architecture is art or practice of design and constructing buildings. That means they get to design their own constructing building and mete build them.

Team 4’s learning is comic books and superheroes, Comic books are like a olden day superhero book. Some of them are about captain america or batman, they have to create their own comic story. It could be of animation or on their chromebooks or even on paper.

What I’m learning about is the house colors are and why, say for example HineMoana stands for the ocean or the Hikianalia stands for the stars in the sky.

My favorite part at assembly was when the team 5 teachers got up and ready for the race. The funny part for me was when Mrs Tele’a was interfering with Miss Garden.

Sunday, 1 May 2016


Oh, today my aunty Polu and her daughter Lain is go back to sudden in Australia. So sad right, I hope for you safe travels and god bless you. I was also taking selfies of me and my cousins's.

Sleep over!!!

Hi guys, For the past three day's I've been sleeping over my cousin Nia. When we go over to her house to sleep over we always go state on the computer to play mine-craft.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What happened in the holidays.

Guest who's back.

Guest who's back guy's, it my mum and sister. They came from Gold Cost to New Zealand to come and see me dad witch is in hospitable, you know he is getting better very fast. I wish you were able to come home and I LOVE YOU DAD. Here are some selfy so you can see what my mum and sister look's like.