Friday, 22 September 2017

Lights, Camera, ACTION.

Today we have just started filming our awesome movie for the Film Festival, First of all, our movie is about slow motion. We're trying to get everyone in my class (Rm 1) to get involved with something, for example.

 I'm going to be hit in the face by a water balloon, so the camera should focus on my shoulders and up but the main objective is to get my head. We recently went down to the school reserve and started to shoot, it was funny when ever someone got hit in the face or the stomach by the water balloons because once the balloon hit their skin started to wiggle like jelly.

Image result for lights camera action


  1. Hi Aysha
    It's Alisha, I really like your last paragraph and how you explained it really clearly. It made me laugh with the way you used your simile. Because Water balloons really do wiggle like jelly.

    I really like the way you use similies, so can you keep writing funny writing this ? Anyway, I really enjoyed reading and writing a blog comment for this post ! So Keep writing funny pieces of writing. Thanks :)

  2. Kia Ora Aysha,
    I really liked how you said that the main objective is to hit you in the head. It's really funny how you explained everyone getting shot in the head or stomach, it wiggles like jelly & that is so true.

    Keep up the "AMAZING!" Work and I look forward to more of your funny writing.


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