Friday, 26 August 2016

What I learned form Hiwi the kiwi.

 Hiwi The Kiwi
Guest who came to my school yesterday morning? Yep that’s right I got to see Hiwi the kiwis show yesterday and they tore my a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about like for example if you catch a snapper it has to be at least 30 centimeters, if it is under or over 30 centimeters then you have to  chuck it back in the water.
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They also told us that if you are going fishing and you can see birds circling around in one spot then that is where all of the fish are, but be careful when you fish around birds because they might fly into your net while trying to grab the fish.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

All about Eliza McCartney.

Productive Writing.

WALT: I understand what different types of sentences I can use in my writing.

Introduction:Who:The runners The Rio olympics,What:One of the racer fall over and sprained his leg,When:It was drawing a sprinting race,Where:At the 2016 rio olympics.
Orientation: All of the sprinters were getting ready at the starting line.
Problem/Conflict: Someone kicked his leg and his leg twisted on its owin,Why:So the other racer could come first.
Solution: Was showing sportsmanship and never giving up.
All of the racers were getting ready for the race, while they were waiting at the starting line someone had said Ready set GO!!!” Bang!. As soon as the trigger on the gun had been pulled I had sprinter and dashed off in first place slowly moving towards the finish line.
As I arriving at the corner someone had tripped over but in the process they had twisted there leg, “Help” he said as he tried to get back up into the race, I stopped to help him but I could see all of the other sprinters in the dissidents.
When all of the racers had passed by we had already give up but before we did, I could almost see the finish line so I had carried him all the way to finish line. Everyone started to shout and cheer us on.
As we crossed the finish line the judges rushed over and said “ We have decided to let you two to go into the finale for showing sportsmanship.”

Monday, 22 August 2016

Whole of a set - stage 6

WALT: Use multiplication and division facts to find the whole of a set

Friday, 19 August 2016

All about Valerie Adams.

Task: We had to choose one of our olympic medal winners, write a post about the olypian and try to find some interestinng information about that person.