Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

Simile Poetry My Family.

WALT use similes to write a poem about ourselves.

Kiu and Uga uga.

What happened at the beginning of the story? Kiu was boasting to uga uga how beautiful he is and he is the most beautiful bird on the island of Niue.
What happened in the middle of the story? Uga uga starts the race earlier than Kiu and when it was the next morning Kiu couldn’t find uga uga so he starts the race.
What happened at the end of the story? Uga uga won the race a Kiu and Pusi told everybody on the island of Niue that Kiu lost to a slow crab and Kiu couldn’t stop crying.
WALT: retell the story again in our own words.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Goosebumps and Butterflies.

WALT: Read new words and understand them using the context. 

This is about how you get  Goosebumps and Butterflies.


Have you played basketball before? Well room 6 maths have been learning basketball for 7 weeks, the people that teachers us basketball are choice Malik and choice Yaran.

We leaned jump stops, V dribble and the Beef, the Beef stands for balance, eyes on the target, elbow and fire, we also leaned a game called golden child. There are two teams one is a shooting team and the other team has to running, the running team has to get to the other side before the shooting team shoots the basketball in the hoop.When the golden child runs and the shooting team get a basket then the other team loses.
My favourite part in basketball is when we all get to play all kinds of different games and we got to play basketball in teams, the saddest part was when we were playing basketball nobody gave me the basketball except the girls in my team.The funniest part was when we always walked into the hall choice Yaran and choice Malik always tries to see if they can do a dunk.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Winter is here.

Wow winter is here I can’t wait to feel the wram fire agenst my freezing cold skin, in Aukland on witer it stormy and foggy you coud bearly see thuogh the fog.When you walk outside the door you freez like a popsicle, Aukland is as cold as the noth pole.As you go to have a drink of water the water tunrs into ice as farst as the water can, when you have a hotchocolate it mount the cold away.

The Blindfold Games.

Have you ever played the safety pin game before? Well Room 8 literacy played it this morning, I know it sounds boring but it really is fun to play.

This is how you play the safety pin game, first you have to get a bowl of rice then you put 20 safety pins or more in the bowl of rice, you will need more than one person playing with you and a blindfold. The aim of the game is to find all 20 safety pins in one minute, if you get more than the other person you get a prize at the end.

When the whole class was getting ready to play we were excited, as my friend Machelle began to serach though the bowl of rice we were yelling at her and she only got 2 points. It was my turn next and the safety pins felt exactly like the rice, it was so hard to find the safety pins because the rice felt exactly the same.

As I took the blindfold off  I could only see 3 points, but I was happy I got more than zero safety pins, I was yelling at my friends and saying “pick it up,pick it up, pick it up,” and they got more safety pins then me I. One of my friends got 9 safety pins and the other got 14 safety pins but the two boys that got the most was Flynlay and Andrew that got 15 safety pins.

The part that I like the most was when everyone was making a mess with the rice especially when Montel had his turn to find the safety pins.

Friday, 5 June 2015


WALT synonyms,Synonyms mean a two word that mean the some thing.There are heaps of synonyms that I learn in my presentation.

Skating at Rainbow Lake.