Friday, 10 June 2016

The Forest.

        The Forest

Long time ago, there lived a really young Prince and his name was Subaru Konoe, he had navy Blue hair like the midnight sky, his skin was as smooth as snow, his eyes were as blue as the ocean because it was full of encouragement and hope. Subaru had turned 18 years old, Subaru was the Prince of Kouka and his parents forced him to get married to the princess of Akatsuki, but before Subaru could get married, Subaru ran away from his home and into the forest of health and death. It was called the forest of life, when Subaru reached the center of the forest, Subaru found a tree it was no ordinary tree but the heart of the forest.

As Subaru moved closer to the tree, he could hear someone or something crying, he looked around the tree and found a young girl that looked about the same age as Subaru, she had white hair like Snow and her eyes were as bright as the stars, when he asked her “why are you crying?” She said “my village has been attacked by another kingdoms Warriors and my mum and dad were killed in the war, I was the last person to ever survive the attack’. Subaru said “don’t cry, it'll be alright” After that Subaru gathered wood to provide fire for the night, when they leaned against the heart tree. They started to glance at the stars, Subaru asked “ what is your name” she replied “It is Neko Kurohs” and before she could ask what his name was, a guard came in search of the prince.

But one day, Subaru woke up really early to see if anybody was around. He walked around to find a nearby pond so that he can have a shower inside. But when he finished having a shower, he wandered around to his spot and found the guards snooping around his place, the leader of the guards said “I know that the Prince was here?” but he said this because he knew that the prince was their. Then the prince said “Shoot, they caught up to me, I can’t let them see me” but he said this because he didn’t want to get taken back home.

When the guards were guarding his place, the prince didn’t know that one of the guards stayed back to watch out for the prince and to make sure that he comes back home right away. So Subaru went and ran to get his stuff, but he got caught by the guards. But before he could run back to his hiding place, one of the guards caught his arm and said “Sorry Prince, but you have to come with me” and the prince was really furious. Suddenly, a girl popped out of nowhere and came to save the prince which she already knew about. She just came and grabbed the prince by his legs and took off with him.

Subaru was wondering, “Why did she save me?”, “Who is she?”, “Where did she come from?”, while he was looking around, they were on the heart of the tree and introduced herself, “Hi my name is Neko Kurohs” and “What’s your name?”. But Subaru memorized the name and tried to remember her name. While she was talking to him, Subaru was thinking of where he heard that name. Then Neko said “Are you even listening to me?” and Subaru said “Sorry, but I was thinking of where I heard your name from. Neko asked he once again “ What is your name?” he replied “ It is Subaru Konoe.

Suddenly Neko started to remember something, then she asked “can you please recall your name to me”. As Subaru said his name Neko started to remember a boy from years age that she had saved by using her powers, his name was Subaru Konoe but she always called him Konoe for short. Neko said “ Did you encounter a young girl about three years ago, Subaru said “ Yes, but how do you know that?” As she told the story he began to remember her face and now straight away who she was. Subaru said “ Remember me Neko it’s your old friend,” Neko asked “ How are you old friend, it has been so long since i’ve seen you.

Part 2 of “ THE FOREST ” Is To Be Continued Tomorrow.

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