Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Narrative Writing.

Image result for anime of a wolf family in the japan mountains
Who: A pack of wolves, mum, dad & two twins.
What: About a family in the mountains.
When: It happened 5 years ago.
Where: In the mountains

There was once two kids that were different from the other kids, they were smarter, faster and they were a lot stronger. One day the two twins went to school for the first time, they had butterflies in their stomachs and it felt like they were holding a massive boulder making them to weak to walk. When they got to there new classroom everyone started to stare, before they could introduced themselves someone barged into the classroom and said “there’s a wild wolf in the cafeteria!” The two twins ran as fast  as they could to the cafeteria so they could save the wild wolf. When the rest of the class came they sore the door wi

As they walked back to class the student started to ask the twins quest, “How did you get to the cafeteria so fast? And where did you used to live?” One of the twins replayed “ We used to live on a mountain and we always go ran down the mountain to the shops.” When they got to class the teacher said “ Class we have two new students that will be joining us today.” “ Hello my name is Neko and this is my twin brother Takashi, we just recently moved here from the mountains.” While Neko and Takashi picked their desks the teacher said “That they will be learning about the history of the mountain”

Neko got a book and started to read, she got up to a story about a half wolf and human it said “Leggings says that there was a pack of wolves that invaded the mountain, there was a family that lived on the mountain. when the pack were about to kill the twin babies one of the white wolves came to save the babies. When they escaped the white wolves suddenly turned into the a human and decided to keep them and raise them to be fin wolves and humans. As the two twins grow up slowly they learned how to transform into a white wolves and turn back into humans, they learned a lot of thing about the wild and how to feed food but they didn’t have any


My Goals For Next Term!!!

Task: I just wanted to share with you what I plan to do next term.

Friday, 23 September 2016

The world's oldest fish hook.

TASK:We had to go on kiwi kids news and find something interesting and write about it.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Thursday, 8 September 2016

98 Year message in a bottle.

TASK:We had to go on kiwi kids news and find something interesting and write about it.

My Message To Mrs Tele'a.

 TASK:We had to write a letter to Mrs Tele'a about her loss.

Monday, 5 September 2016

An olympic article all about Brenda Martinez’s.

Walt: 1. Justifying - I clarify and justify my own interpretation and understanding of complex ideas and issues.


WALT: Identify ratios