Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Haiku Poem.

WALT: Write a Haiku Poem - What am I?

Limerick Poem.

There once was a girl called Kelly (8)
and she had a dog called Nelly (8)
but he was pretty chubby (7)
Image result for kaely and her dog naly

WALT: Write a limerick Poem.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Diamante Poems.

WALT: Write a diamante poem using nouns, verbs, adjectives, synonyms and antonyms

e-AsTTle Writing Test - October.

“OW” have you ever gotten food that looks delicious but tastes the total opus it? Well today my whole class had to eat weetbix with cream on top CREAM! are you kidding me. You have to buddy up with someone or anyone, after that you get a plate with weetbix and cream with a side of apple. your partner is going to be your hands and yes they are going to feed but from behind. My favorite part was when I get to eat from my buddy hands, especially when everyone was laughing at each other. When amethyst was trying to eat from my hand it look like she was going to eat my hand instead. Haha the most funniest part was when Isaac had cream all over his mother and it also look like he had a mustache. Decora look like she didn’t even want to eat any of it. At the end I felt sick and also cheerful because everyone was having fun and I felt sick because of the weetbix and cream with apples. “YUK” just thinking about it makes me want to puke.

WALT:Time with friends You have just had a time when you’ve done something special with your friends and classmates.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Problem Solving Practice c,d,c Term 4 Week 5.

WALT: figure out which of our problem strategies to use for different problems.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Problem Solving Practice c,d,c Term 4 Week 4.

WALT: figure out which of our problem strategies to use for different problems.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


NZ Native Animal Report.

Do you know any native animals to New Zealand? Well I know for a fact that kiwis are one of them and kakapos too.

Kiwis live in the North Island.They make their homes in a hole under a tree. when it is winter time the kiwis are nice and warm. kiwis are nocturnal that means they sleep during the day and wake up at night time.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Mustelid Trap.

OH ON there are mustelids roaming around if you want to trap them follow does steeps.
before you pull the metal arm up you put the bait in then you pull the metal arm up, after that the mustelids will smell the bait and go through the little hole in the trap. when it stands on the metal plate the metal arm will drop and squashes the mustelids.

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Grass to Glass - the last 4 steps.

WALT: Add detail to the beginning of sentences.

As soon as the warm milk comes from the cows it goes straight into a fridge. Before the milk goes into the milk silo it has to be cold so the milk is cooled so the tanker can collect the milk.

There is a machine which separates the cream from the milk because so people don’t like cream in their milk. When the milk goes into a mince the milk and cream are separated.

The milk is heated up to 72 degrees celsius so that bacteria is killed by pasteurisation the milk. After that they put it down to 3 degrees celsius so the milk is still fresh to drink.

 Finally the milk is bottled, ready for you to drink. That completes the journey from grass to glass.   

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3 dimensional shapes.

This week we have be making 3 Dimensional shapes like the tetrahedrons, cubes and pyramids. We have be learning how mean faces, Vertices and Edges the 3 Dimensional shapes.    

Curriculum Vitae.

WALT: applied for a job and write our own Curriculum Vitae.

The Ants and The Grasshopper - The Sequel.

WALT:Infer and interpret the main ideas in the story.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Friday, 14 August 2015

Check out mu number.

WALT: use strategies we already know to solve decimal problems.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Grass to Glass - the first 4 steps.

Image result for cows 4 stomachs

Cows eat 70 kilograms of grass a day, to make milk and to keep them healthy. 70 kilograms is twice as heavy as me.In the winter time the cows eat silage because the grass wanton be growing.

Cows have four stomachs,so it can be turned the grass into blood and milk.grass is hard to digest.

WALT: Add detail to the end of sentences.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Mum for Sale.

WALT: Infer and interpret the hidden message in the play.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Missing the bus.

WALT: Find the hidden messages in the text.

There was a girl who missed the, she was always 2 minutes early to get on the bus but today was an unusual day for her she missed the bus and chased after it. When it came up to the traffic light’s it normally stops but it keep on going and they kept on running and running but sometimes they would beat the bus and the bus would beat they arrived to school they were thinking about walking to school ever day.

Problem solving practice Week 3 Term 2.

WALT: use strategies we already know to solve decimal problems.

So first I add 2 + 1 = which 3, 
then I add 0.5 + 0.2 which =0.7,
next I added 3 + 0.7 which = 3.7. 

Check out mu number..

Walt: use strategies we already know to solve decimal problems.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Living on a Farm.

Growing up on a farm in the country may be fun but it can also be hard work. We have been looking at dairy farms in New Zealand, how  farmers and machines have roles in producing milk.
Image result for jobs on a dairy farm                        
If I was growing up on a farm I milking the cows would be fun because you get to use the cups to produce the milk. Did you know that your hands have to be warm before you milk or else you will be kicked by them.
Image result for cows kicking       
Feeding the calves would be hard work because you have to mix up a lot of milk. But Playing with them would be fun because it would be like having lots of pets.
File:Calf feeding                    
It has been interesting to learn about what it would be like to live on a dairy farm, all the jobs you get to help with and animals you care for. But living there full time? No thank you! I think I’ll stick to where I belong.
Image result for a car driving away from a farmWALT: Write paragraphs with a variety of sentence lengths and complexities.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Problem solving practice Week 2 Term 2.

WALT: solve tricky problems using different strategies.

So I did a number line, 54 to 232 then I add 6 so that made 60 then add 40 so that was 100 then I add 100 and that added up to 200 then I add 30 so that made 230 then I added 2 and that added up to 232.

Then I did 6 + 2 = 8 then I did 40 + 30 = 70 then I did 100 + 70 and that = 170, and 8 + 170 = 178.
So the answer is 170

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Turei's Two Dollars.

The was a boy who had a shiny two dollar coin,he put his two dollar’s on the windowsill because he thought that it will be safe. The moonlight shined on the coin and an owl swooped down and grabbed the shiny coin in her beak, when he go to her tree and look at her friend and said “look what I've got” she sang and the coin fell out of her beak ,then weta was mining his own business then heard something hit the grow.
 WALT:Order and retell the story again in your own words.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

Simile Poetry My Family.

WALT use similes to write a poem about ourselves.

Kiu and Uga uga.

What happened at the beginning of the story? Kiu was boasting to uga uga how beautiful he is and he is the most beautiful bird on the island of Niue.
What happened in the middle of the story? Uga uga starts the race earlier than Kiu and when it was the next morning Kiu couldn’t find uga uga so he starts the race.
What happened at the end of the story? Uga uga won the race a Kiu and Pusi told everybody on the island of Niue that Kiu lost to a slow crab and Kiu couldn’t stop crying.
WALT: retell the story again in our own words.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Goosebumps and Butterflies.

WALT: Read new words and understand them using the context. 

This is about how you get  Goosebumps and Butterflies.


Have you played basketball before? Well room 6 maths have been learning basketball for 7 weeks, the people that teachers us basketball are choice Malik and choice Yaran.

We leaned jump stops, V dribble and the Beef, the Beef stands for balance, eyes on the target, elbow and fire, we also leaned a game called golden child. There are two teams one is a shooting team and the other team has to running, the running team has to get to the other side before the shooting team shoots the basketball in the hoop.When the golden child runs and the shooting team get a basket then the other team loses.
My favourite part in basketball is when we all get to play all kinds of different games and we got to play basketball in teams, the saddest part was when we were playing basketball nobody gave me the basketball except the girls in my team.The funniest part was when we always walked into the hall choice Yaran and choice Malik always tries to see if they can do a dunk.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Winter is here.

Wow winter is here I can’t wait to feel the wram fire agenst my freezing cold skin, in Aukland on witer it stormy and foggy you coud bearly see thuogh the fog.When you walk outside the door you freez like a popsicle, Aukland is as cold as the noth pole.As you go to have a drink of water the water tunrs into ice as farst as the water can, when you have a hotchocolate it mount the cold away.

The Blindfold Games.

Have you ever played the safety pin game before? Well Room 8 literacy played it this morning, I know it sounds boring but it really is fun to play.

This is how you play the safety pin game, first you have to get a bowl of rice then you put 20 safety pins or more in the bowl of rice, you will need more than one person playing with you and a blindfold. The aim of the game is to find all 20 safety pins in one minute, if you get more than the other person you get a prize at the end.

When the whole class was getting ready to play we were excited, as my friend Machelle began to serach though the bowl of rice we were yelling at her and she only got 2 points. It was my turn next and the safety pins felt exactly like the rice, it was so hard to find the safety pins because the rice felt exactly the same.

As I took the blindfold off  I could only see 3 points, but I was happy I got more than zero safety pins, I was yelling at my friends and saying “pick it up,pick it up, pick it up,” and they got more safety pins then me I. One of my friends got 9 safety pins and the other got 14 safety pins but the two boys that got the most was Flynlay and Andrew that got 15 safety pins.

The part that I like the most was when everyone was making a mess with the rice especially when Montel had his turn to find the safety pins.

Friday, 5 June 2015


WALT synonyms,Synonyms mean a two word that mean the some thing.There are heaps of synonyms that I learn in my presentation.

Skating at Rainbow Lake.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Torty, the Lucky Tortoise.


WALT: Read and explain synonyms.

Does anyone know what synonyms means? It means comparing two word that mean the same thing. For example what is another word for sad,Gloomily. Gloomily and sad is two different but they mean the same thing.  

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Monday, 25 May 2015

Taniwha Trouble.

I counldn't see anything.Was I the only one who didn't see the little taniwha in the jar?
WALT:Infer and interpret the hidden message in the story.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Chocolate Game.

Does anyone know what room 8 reading class did today? Well, when I was about to set on the mat Miss Lavakula said that the whole class is going to play a game.

First you have to form a large circle, then you roll the dice and when you get the number six you pick one clothing and five accessories from the middle of the circle.While you are putting on the items and someone rolls a six you have to take everything that you have on take it off.

As the dice came to me I didn’t want to see it.When I rolled it I got a six. The only thing that I put on was a jacket. Then someone said “six, six, six,” I took the jacket off and ran to my space. I didn’t think that I ever disagreed with chocolate before, then I wanted to eat it all of the chocolate I tried to roll a six every time when the dice came around.

Every time I tried to roll a six I always get five’s, two’s and four’s. Whenever someone got a six they made me giggle so hard that my mouth started getting numb. As I stared at the chocolate my tummy rumbled and I was eager to roll a six.

I really enjoyed it because everyone was smiling and having fun, I hope we get to play that game again.  

Monday, 11 May 2015

Earthquake in Nepal.

Did anyone hear about the earthquake in Nepal?Well in Nepal on the 25th of April on ANZAC day a powerful earthquake struck the country.As the earthquake began the streets started to crack, dirt and dust poped out of the cracks.Thousnd of people were missing and some needed rescueing, the nepales were expecting a bigger aftershoak.

Over 5000 people died from the earthquake, and there was an outbreak of disease spreading through nepal, the nepalese had to sleep on the middle of the street because all of there houses are destroyed from the earthquake.Some of the nepalese were still worried that there might still be a earthquake.  

My problem solving Activity

This is my problem solving Activity so if you like it please leave a short comment thank you.

My game plan

this is my game plan about how can I make my game better and what I can do to make my game. If you like my game plan please leave a short comment on my blog thank you.

The Dawn Parade.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake.

There was a powerful earthquake that struck the country.Nepalensis were expecting a bigger aftershock.Thousands of people were missing that needed to be rescued.People were searching through rubble. There was an outbreak of disease spreading.
WALT: orally co-construct a paragraph about the Nepal earthquake.
Image result for earthquake in nepal

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Friday, 24 April 2015


WALT: explain and find the missing words for a paragraph about ANZAC

Fill in the missing spaces:

Thursday, 23 April 2015

My Holiday Highlight.

Have you seen the movie HOME? In the school holidays I did a few things, but one of the best moments I had was when my family went to watch HOME at the movies. As we arrived I could see a lot of people there, It felt like a whole herd of bull’s when we went into the cinema. I got straight into the snack bag and got the popcorn out and played on mum’s phone waiting for the movie to start.

My favorite part was when the alien named ‘Oh’ said “I put my hand’s in the air like I just do not care” and as he we saying that he was dancing with his hand’s up in the air. The sad part about the movie was when ‘Oh’ ran away to his spaceship, and the girl went to find her mum because the alien’s transported all the humans to Australia.

A week later we went to the movie’s for my dad’s birthday, when we were in line we couldn't decide what movie to watch. My mum wanted to watch ‘Cinderella’ but me and my little sister wanted to watch ‘The Spongebob Movie’ so we decided to watch Spongebob, YEAH!!! It felt like me and Peyton were so lucky.

The day after we watched ‘The Spongebob Movie’ I went to sleep over at my Papa Gordon’s house. When they came and picked me up my Papa asked if I wanted to take my bike, drawing book and my netbook. So he hooked my bike up to his bike rack on the boot of his car, and off we went to the skate park.

Did you know, that the skating bowl looks like the shape of a pear from a bird's eye view?
Image result for the bowl at the skate park that looks like a paper

Hope you enjoyed my story, have a good day!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Did you shake your tail feather?

Mar 29, 2015 9:04:49 PM.jpg

There is a bird that is nosy she liked to poke about among the ferns.One morning, she noticed something out of the the corner of her eye.It was a beautiful,shiny,black tail feather with white stripes.One bird name Karearea is fearless and fearless to bird.This is about a bird that really want a bird feathers.

The Hokule'a and the Hikianalia powhiri.

Wow you can’t believe what Pt England did today, this morning our school went down to the beach to see the Hokule’a and the Hikianalia Powhiri. As we were escorted from the school gate we could see different school’s arriving. I felt like I was going to meet the Kings and Queens from all around the world, but instead we got to meet these beautiful Hawaiian people. In the end we had the chance to high five the Hawaiian people on the beach, as we were running sand went into my shoes.    

Monday, 30 March 2015

Two tree's

Walt: Infer and interpret the hidden message in the text.