Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly.

On Monday morning it was the first day of term 2 and we had immersion assembly, all the teachers were dressed up according to there themes that they were going to perform. I was so excited to see my friends but when I got there everyone was already in the the hall for assembly.

Well the team 1 teacher Mrs George, Miss Pech, Mrs Lal, Mr Wild and Mrs Dwyer is going to teach favorite things. Favorite things is like for example my favorite dog is a k9 and my favorite color is blue.

What the team 2 teacher Mrs Nalder, Mrs Tumahai, Ms Eadie and Miss Szymanik are teaching about is seasons, Seasons are Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. They are also learning how it feels and looks in Summer, Autumn,Winter and spring.

Team 3 is learning about architecture, Architecture is art or practice of design and constructing buildings. That means they get to design their own constructing building and mete build them.

Team 4’s learning is comic books and superheroes, Comic books are like a olden day superhero book. Some of them are about captain america or batman, they have to create their own comic story. It could be of animation or on their chromebooks or even on paper.

What I’m learning about is the house colors are and why, say for example HineMoana stands for the ocean or the Hikianalia stands for the stars in the sky.

My favorite part at assembly was when the team 5 teachers got up and ready for the race. The funny part for me was when Mrs Tele’a was interfering with Miss Garden.

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