Monday, 30 June 2014


The autobots are trying to  hid from the human because they are being hunted down for research and most of all to find rodimus prime and burn him.

The daceptdacons  are trying to build a new areme and trying to get the seed back from rodimus prime

Aysha's Titanic

move it 1 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

All About Coral!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Flying Boats and Coral Island

1. Why does Max live in kiribati?
Max’s dad had to go to kiribati to study the coral with scientists.

2. List places where coral wouldn’t like to grow:
- Canada
- North Pole
- England

3. How do growth rings help scientist?
it tells you how old it is.

4. Why do they use a flying boat?
 so they can look for coral.

5. Why do you have to be careful with coral?
because it takes  a long time to grow.

6. How come people don’t make coral jewelry anymore?
they are trying to save it.
Blogger: Find a beautiful picture of coral, then draw your own version using sumo paint or ABCya paint. Post with a few sentences about the
Coral gardens at Palmyra Atoll

Friday, 20 June 2014

Book log

The titanic

The Titanic
1. 1. Where was The Titanic built? It was made in  Britain.

2. What country is belfast in? Belfast is a city located in the British country of Northern Ireland.

3. What caused the Titanic to sink? the hull part of the ship.

4. How old was the last passenger on board when she died? She was 97 years old.

Fraction parts

My brother

My brother
I love my brother so much that it make me so sad, to watch him in a wheelchair and what is even sadder is that he has to eat from a machine.
My brother sometimes tries to talk and sometimes i understand what he says,and
he can understand samoan and english.

My brother is as likely as any other person in the word, because he has a wonderful family to live with, and this is the school that he go's to.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

My guitar demo movie

                                         cilck here to watch.

Living in a Shipwreck

Living in a Shipwreck
1.2.07 Part 2

WALT: Use the text to outline advantages and disadvantages.

1. Complete the table below, writing the Advantages (good things) and Disadvantages (bad things) of living in a shipwreck.

Advantages of living in a shipwreck:
Disadvantages of living in a shipwreck:
You can sleep in the captain's cabin.
you meate fall out of the star of canada night.  
You can play with the Bell,the Wheel.
you might get eaten.
You can sleep in the captain's cabin.
you might drone.
you can ried on the water.
you might wash out for sea.
you can jetski on the water.
you might sink star of canada again

Write your 3 ideas below first.

Main event at the beginning:
of the spasm in her throat

Main event in the middle:
appeared to vindicate the
Main event in the end:

off the coast of Canada.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Living in a Shipwreck

Living in a Shipwreck

1.2.07 Part 1

WALT: Analyze surface features and the language used

1. The Star of Canada sank in this story. A word that describes how it sank is = ‘Slowly’. Now we can write ‘Sank Slowly’. Two words that start with the same letter (like sank & slowly) and are put next to each other is called; Alliteration. Other examples of alliteration are; Fast Frog or Stinky Snail.

Find alliteration for these words from the story.

Wreck_  Washbasin
Rocky_  Reef

Captins_  Cabin

Sinking _   Stairs

2. What is a shipwreck?
A shipwreck is a ship that sinked.
3. How did the ship sink?
It crast into a rock.
4. Why do you think the part of the ship they saved was called the wheelhouse?
the wheelhouse is the place
5. What is a barge?
A barge is long boat.

6. Find  and mark Gisborne on a map of New Zealand using google drawing. Mark and name 3 near by towns.
It takes 5 h 54 min