Tuesday, 10 November 2015

e-AsTTle Writing Test - October.

“OW” have you ever gotten food that looks delicious but tastes the total opus it? Well today my whole class had to eat weetbix with cream on top CREAM! are you kidding me. You have to buddy up with someone or anyone, after that you get a plate with weetbix and cream with a side of apple. your partner is going to be your hands and yes they are going to feed but from behind. My favorite part was when I get to eat from my buddy hands, especially when everyone was laughing at each other. When amethyst was trying to eat from my hand it look like she was going to eat my hand instead. Haha the most funniest part was when Isaac had cream all over his mother and it also look like he had a mustache. Decora look like she didn’t even want to eat any of it. At the end I felt sick and also cheerful because everyone was having fun and I felt sick because of the weetbix and cream with apples. “YUK” just thinking about it makes me want to puke.

WALT:Time with friends You have just had a time when you’ve done something special with your friends and classmates.

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