Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Chocolate Game.

Does anyone know what room 8 reading class did today? Well, when I was about to set on the mat Miss Lavakula said that the whole class is going to play a game.

First you have to form a large circle, then you roll the dice and when you get the number six you pick one clothing and five accessories from the middle of the circle.While you are putting on the items and someone rolls a six you have to take everything that you have on take it off.

As the dice came to me I didn’t want to see it.When I rolled it I got a six. The only thing that I put on was a jacket. Then someone said “six, six, six,” I took the jacket off and ran to my space. I didn’t think that I ever disagreed with chocolate before, then I wanted to eat it all of the chocolate I tried to roll a six every time when the dice came around.

Every time I tried to roll a six I always get five’s, two’s and four’s. Whenever someone got a six they made me giggle so hard that my mouth started getting numb. As I stared at the chocolate my tummy rumbled and I was eager to roll a six.

I really enjoyed it because everyone was smiling and having fun, I hope we get to play that game again.  

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