Thursday, 28 August 2014

What is Culture?

Culture’s are what make country unique.Each country has different activity and cultural rituals.Culture is seen in peoples writing, religion,music,clothes,cooking and what they do. Culture also includes the way people understand the world in different way.

Different country have different culture.For example,some older Japanese people wear kimono,  flower arrang in vasis and have tea ceremony.

 My family is from Samoa.  In my culture we climb up coconut trees to get some refreshments.  Sometimes when we feel like we need to cool down even more we go down to the beach where it is nice and clean you can even see the fish and crabs. Our crabs are big you could feed like I think about around seven people. When we go out we wear lava lava’s and shorts because it’s too HOT their. Sometimes when I go to my Aunt's house I play with my cousin and we also have a lot of   delicious things to eat.

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