Monday, 7 March 2016

De constructing & Re-crafting Writing.

WALT: Add language features to our writing and interesting words.
Image result for fishing on a dockAs I sat on the edge of the dock, I felt something tugging on my fishing line. When I pulled on it, it started to pull me. It felt like I was being pulled in like a black hole that was trying to suck me in. As I tried to think of a plan, I looked around to see if anyone or anything was there. But no-one was there to help me.

I tried pulling the fish line all the way to the pole that was right next to me, but when I got to the pole my fishing line started to pull harder and harder. It was to strong, I had to let go of my line. When I was just about to let my line go, someone came running out of nowhere and grabbed hold of the fishing line, I started to help him. We managed to get the fishing line out of the lake. But when we looked at the fish it was a little salmon. So we throw it back into the lake.                                          

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