Friday, 9 May 2014

Going to the holiday's

What do you think school holiday mean?, Well school holiday means that you go and stay home for two weeks and then come back school to learn.

On Friday my mum said to me that me, my mum, dad and sister are going to the movies at sylvia park!! and ‘‘I said yes”.

When we get to the movies my mum ‘said “We are
going to watch  Rio 2’’ I said  can we go and get some snacks
after you get the tickets for the movie. I to hold the tickets when we got back for the movie. The movie was in room four.

After the movie we took photos in the hallway behind the muppets most wanted cardboard with the muppets on it.

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  1. nice story it is short but you told all the details and everything in that little story keep it up AYSHA FROM NIA:)


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